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As Cybersecurity Awareness Month comes to a close, we consider the benefits of a month-long training effort for our teams. Some things in business are necessary but don’t immediately mean the team’s approval; We get it. Aspects such as your company’s cybersecurity are crucial to the health of the company. A focus on the area helps mitigate the impact of a breach – such as financial losses, loss of consumer trust and fines – but is difficult to integrate into teams due to a lack of commitment.

TryHackMe is a browser-based cyber security training company that offers offensive and defensive learning content for all skill levels. With no prior experience required to get started, users can start their awareness journey from the ground up and see how attacks work in practice, mitigating the risks of attacks and protecting organizations.

What awaits you in this article:

Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Cybersecurity Awareness Month occurs every October around the globe. The main purpose is to increase the importance of cybersecurity for individuals and companies. Personally, cybersecurity protects our finances, data and identity, while in business cybersecurity focuses on reducing the risk of attacks and the negative impact of attacks following a breach.

Why do we need this? Well, the negative impacts of cyberattacks include financial losses – when hackers can hold data for ransom, loss of earnings – when your platform is unavailable for a period of time, when users lose trust in your company, and penalties and compensation incurred by They are required by government agencies around the world.

It is estimated that cybercrime will cost the world $10.5 trillion by 2025, so the need to focus on it is large and growing! Cybersecurity Awareness Month highlights the need for cybersecurity and helps highlight the importance of the workforce. Companies are using this month to train and participate so their employees can recognize the importance of exercise and learn how to be safer online.

TryHackMe Cybersecurity Training

TryHackMe is aimed at employees from different backgrounds. Whether in your marketing, sales or software team – regardless of experience, the training is applicable to everyone. TryHackMe training includes paths, modules and individual labs. The Pathways cover everything you need to know and reflect specific job roles and skill levels, while the modules follow a specific theme – such as phishing. Individual labs are small lessons that users start to learn a topic. They have a guided element that walks you through the topic and a convenient virtual machine so that the user can actively hack while learning and defend in action.

The platform is gamified and offers badges, streaks and gamification elements in all training labs. This allows users to have fun with what they do – which is especially important when sharing it with the entire workforce who may not have a primary interest in the area. Commitment also enables knowledge retention and thus contributes to employee satisfaction and the company’s reputation.

Use awareness campaigns and engagement topics

In addition to using a playful, entertaining platform like TryHackMe, leveraging awareness campaigns like Cyber ​​Security Awareness Month is a great way to advocate for issues within your company. Other planned events include:

TryHackMe Hackerween

TryHackMe launches on Thursday (October 27th) and will launch a new free challenge lab every day until Halloween. This is a great way to inspire enthusiasm and competitive spirit in your workforce and can be encouraged by giving prizes to your team. While this event’s challenges allow you to practice your cyber skills in action, you can access over 350 completely free training labs to brush up on topics you need further help with.

Emergence of cyber

Another free event, Advent of Cyber, runs from December 1st through Christmas and is the focus of TryHackMe. This event offers a free daily training lab focused on key cybersecurity issues that teams should be aware of. This event also offers incredible technology prizes to increase team engagement and help companies increase employee buy-in.

Whether you’re deciding how to get started in cybersecurity, how to upskill your team, or how to mitigate the risk of cyberattacks, TryHackMe offers content to help you achieve your goals.

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