Shirin Ariff Shone As A True Leader With A Journey Of Resilience And Radiance

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Born into an aristocratic family of silk merchants in the vibrant city of Calcutta, India, Shirin Ariff Shine exudes grace and resilience that can only come from a life filled with great challenges and triumphs. A pioneer in her family, she earned a Bachelor of Arts with Honors in English and a Bachelor of Education from Loreto College, University of Calcutta.

From a young age, Shirin’s loving and caring nature was expressed in her large extended family. Her academic career was filled with honors and she enjoyed pursuing diverse passions such as art, music and sports. She embraced life with boundless enthusiasm, was an avid reader and enjoyed playing basketball and badminton.

Life took a tumultuous turn when Shirin married at a young age and faced the complex problems of her first husband, who struggled with drug and alcohol addiction. After eight years of hardship, the marriage fell apart and she had to face the harsh judgment of being a divorcee. Undeterred, fueled by her father’s unconditional support, she found the strength to rebuild her life and returned to school to complete her Bachelor of Education. When she became a teacher at her alma mater in Loreto and later at the Delhi Public School, Shirin was an important support for her daughter.

A new chapter began when she remarried in 2003 and ventured into life in Canada with her daughter and new husband. However, a shocking facial paralysis marred the initial joy and her marriage fell short of expectations, drowning her in stress and anxiety as an immigrant in an unfamiliar country. Although she endured a verbally, mentally, emotionally and financially abusive marriage, she remained devoted to it and hoped for transformation and goodwill from her husband. This tumultuous connection left deep scars on Shirin’s confidence and self-esteem, but ultimately served to awaken her.

In 2013, she was confronted with her mortality when diagnosed with metastatic thyroid cancer and had to come to terms with the true nature of life and the great responsibility she carried as a mother of four children. Instead of succumbing to despair, she embraced cancer as a catalyst for change while simultaneously pursuing cancer treatment and divorce.

As Shirin emerged from the crucible of suffering, she transformed into a force driven by love for her children and a deep desire to make their lives worthwhile. A five-time international bestselling author, her upcoming anthology Cancer Heroes includes a chapter titled “Cancer was the Cure,” in which she shares her extraordinary journey of resilience and determination. As a life transformation coach, she empowers her clients to access their personal power and lead a life of authenticity and freedom.

Shirin’s extraordinary life story found expression in the international bestseller “The Second Wife”, in which she recounts her struggles with facial paralysis, surviving cancer and two failed marriages. Undeterred by setbacks, she now offers programs and workshops as the founder of the transformative learning program Be Your Own North Star and advocates for the success of Indo-Canadian women as a founding member of Immigrant Women in Business.

As the founder of 7 Arcs Creative Works TMShirin creates inspiring books. She captivates audiences with her raw and unrehearsed talk show “Share Your Shine.” TM series, on her YouTube channel. Her brand continues to uplift and change countless lives.

Shirin’s achievements have received global recognition, receiving the Woman of Purpose International Women Achievers Award and the 2020 Spiritual Writer Halo Award. She was also nominated for the Top 25 Immigrant Women in Canada in 2022 and received the prestigious Woman on Fire Award for the Toronto Waterfront Award in 2023 during her nomination. Shirin’s inspiring and award-winning speeches went viral, reaching millions of views and establishing her as an international speaker and storyteller. To learn more about Shirin, visit or send us an email address. [email protected]

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