Ratan Tata Deepfake Video In Which He Appears To Offer Financial Advice

Watch: Ratan Tata deepfake video in which he appears to offer financial advice

Ratan Tata, an industrialist and former chairman of the Tata Group, has criticized a deepfake video that purports to show him offering financial advice on Instagram. In the fictional video posted by Sona Agarwal on Instagram, the industrialist was seen offering misleading investment advice. The post’s text allowed viewers to increase their investment to appear “risk-free.”

Ratan Tata deepfake video

In the fake Instagram post, Ratan Tata was shown in a fake interview in which he referred to Agarwal as his manager. Agarwal’s Instagram picture has the following caption: “Rapan Tata’s recommendation for everyone in India. This is your opportunity to grow your money instantly, risk-free and with a 100 percent guarantee,” the picture’s description reads

Recently, deepfake films of a number of well-known celebrities went viral on social media, sparking mixed reactions of fear, panic and disbelief from users. Actress Priyanka Chopra was the latest victim of deepfakes; In another fraudulent video, she was seen endorsing a product and disclosing her annual salary.

Ratan Tata is not the only one

Unlike other actors, Priyanka has not had any controversial face-changing videos. Nevertheless, a fake brand advertisement has replaced her voice and lines from the original video.

In a similar case, actress Alia Bhatt was also seen in a deepfake video which was later found to be fake. Alia Bhatt’s face is placed over the image of another woman sitting on a bed in the viral video. In the video, a woman can be seen gesturing towards the camera while wearing Alia’s face on a blue floral tank dress.

Meanwhile, Union Minister Rajeev Chandrasekhar met social media companies on Tuesday to assess their efforts to combat disinformation and deepfakes. He said notices would be released within the next 48 hours to ensure full platform compliance.

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