Passion Vista recognized Dr. Aparajita Jeedigunta as a global leader breaking barriers

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dr Aparajita Jeedigunta has embedded multiple layers of uniqueness within herself, and over time she has been able to channel her resilience and charisma to transform people’s lives and make responsible leaders who uphold her lifelong ethos of diversity, equity , practicing inclusion and belonging. She is one of 34 advanced certified practitioners worldwide across the suite of behavior analysis tools and has been awarded the Corp! Magazine’s 2020 Diversity Award and 2022 Most Valuable Professional for her many accomplishments. She was also the 2nd runner up for the Mrs India Michigan competition run by IMP in 2022.

Born and raised in India, Dr. Aparajita moved to the United States at the age of 14 due to her parents’ work. She recalls that this was the first time in her life that she was called a “minority”. She was to become a doctor early on and eventually enrolled as a medical student. Life took a dramatic turn for her when she suffered her first traumatic head injury, which prompted her to make a career change after being exposed to the field of psychology. Then, when she got her doctorate in psychology, she suffered a second and more serious brain injury. She recalls: “I was hit by a car. It left me with a severe brain injury from which I had to recover unaided. This experience led me to my current career path after completing my PhD 3 years after my resurrection.”

As an Indian-American immigrant and also a survivor of two serious brain injuries, she had a life-changing impact in an epiphany that led to her developing her LEGup framework – a deliberate framework to increase employee inclusion, equity, engagement and loyalty. In her field of work, she had seen diversity and inclusion being developed in a largely performative way, in silos and contextual vacuums. She felt that the larger point of inclusion was missed as these initiatives were treated as just boxes to be ticked with little inclusive intent. This had a negative impact on many organizations and workers, which is why their LEGup framework became a monumental milestone in their career.

As a social personality psychologist, she ensures that the focus of her work is a complete wellbeing package including physical, emotional, financial, social, spiritual including psychological safety. She notes, “I do this by helping my clients uncover to themselves their own invisible and hidden strengths, assets, biases, and thoughts. Only when we can see ourselves as whole people, objectively without judgement, can we see, respect and honor others around us as whole people.”

dr Always true to herself, Aparajita has a multifaceted personality and has graced many hats in life including being a chronic disease patient, brain injury awareness advocate, founder, cultural ambassador, DEI&B consultant and leader. She says: “I also remind myself every day that while all the roles in my life are the different hats I wear, as a leader I am what I am as a person – the head that wears all those hats. “

When asked about her appetite for business, she responds, “My mission is to build 1 million heart-centered, holistic leaders in all walks of life worldwide over the next 10 years. Our societies, our organizations, and especially our future generations, deserve a world that allows them to thrive as whole people and address the issues of their generations.”

dr Aparajita’s personality is one of strength and confidence, which fuels her journey and exudes good energy. To learn more about dr. To experience Aparajita, visit or sign up via email, [email protected]

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