OpenSooq, The Middle East’s Best Used Car Buying Site

Have you ever wondered what the easiest way is to buy a car without actually having to go outside and visit multiple dealerships, and then come home without finding what you were looking for? Must be frustrating to think about, right?

Well, worry no more! OpenSooq is the best website to buy used cars in the Middle East.

OpenSooq not only provides you with cars, but also with rental apartments, the latest mobile phones and various equipment. What is special about them is that they connect the buyer and the seller directly, without intermediaries. They also offer a simple, easy and secure payment process to help the customers with transactions

This website is considered to be the new shopping trend in the MENA region where you can buy anything from baby stuff to heavy vehicles, you can get any service or product you want. You can also promote any of the services you offer by logging in, opening your shop and using the various advertising features.

Mobile-friendly OpenSooq

In order to stay relevant, OpenSooq has optimized its website for mobile to improve customer experience and reach different audiences as nowadays everyone is busy and doesn’t have time to check websites from their laptop. So the website works exactly as if you were on your laptop, regardless of the device. The website will also load faster if it is mobile-friendly.

Get your car from OpenSooq now

The personal car inspection has decreased significantly with the arrival of the quarantine. People now mainly rely on websites to search for their desired car instead of going to car dealerships, so OpenSooq allows you to do this and more through their website. This website doesn’t have to be just for cars for sale in Dubai. If you go through their website, you will find that it is available in more than 19 countries, which means that you can buy cars no matter where you live, like the cars for sale in Oman.

Before you buy anything

Before buying a car, let’s review some of the features that OpenSooq grants to its customers.

The search bar

The most obvious and easiest way to find what you are looking for is through the search bar. OpenSooq offers you multiple search filters to find the results you want. All you have to do is enter the make, model, year and… voila! You got the car you were looking for.

Pick and choose

Another way to look for cars is by selection; You can either search by car manufacturer, such as BMW or Honda, or by body type, such as pickup truck or SUV. The first method allows you to know the prices and specifications of each car; Once you have selected the model, the prices for each model are arranged from lowest to highest. While the second gives you every car model built into your chosen body type, with its prices from lowest to highest.

Rent or buy your car

OpenSooq offers its customers a variety of options when it comes to cars; You can rent or buy a car, used or new. It gives you the total of used and new cars displayed daily. As for the rental, the website shows the period for which you want to rent or lease a car; daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.

car dealerships

OpenSooq also offers you a range of car dealerships so you can pamper your car and get the best services and prices. All you have to do is enter the name of the shop you want and start scrolling.

If you are a car dealer and you want to increase your sales, sign up with OpenSooq. All you have to do is contact the sales team and they will guide you through the process of opening your virtual shop.

car service

If you’re looking for a specific service and don’t want to go through different stores and waste time asking them if they offer that particular service, then OpenSooq has you covered. The website offers you the phone number and location of the centers that offer this service.


OpenSooq’s challenge is to competently offer a unique shopping experience to meet customers’ needs. They are rapidly building virtual services through continuous improvement to stay competitive in tomorrow’s world and differentiate themselves from the competition.

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