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Is it worth hunting down Black Friday travel deals?

Black Friday is just around the corner, and while we all know it’s a day for bargains on things like televisions and vacuum cleaners, is it worth putting down the pumpkins to look for travel deals too? Experts say yes, it is—but keep a few things in mind.

At Jennifer Yellin The Points Guy Recommends doing some prep work before Black Friday — for example, get airline and hotel email lists in advance so deals are sent straight to your inbox, and start tracking prices for the tickets you want now. Find out if it’s a good savings on Black Friday (or Cyber ​​Monday). Some reason contract, It is not necessary steal, Doing your homework ahead of time can pay off.

We’re almost back to pre-pandemic travel levels, and with demand so high, “a lot of companies trying to rebound … don’t have the incentive to offer a lot of deals because everyone wants to travel,” said Julie Ramholt, consumer analyst at DealNews.com. The New York Times. Instead of price reductions on Black Friday, look into offering additional benefits like dining credits tied to room reservations. Ramholt recommends reading the fine print on any attractive deal — you want to know ahead of time whether it’s non-refundable or subject to blackout dates.

Previous Jamie Collins recommends … 5 Toiletries You Can’t Travel Without

Formerly the co-founder of a self-care company, Jamie Collins puts a lot of thought into the toiletries she packs — and realizes that traveling isn’t the time to try something new. “I’ve stuck with what I know and been successful,” he said week. Collins shares five toiletries she should take with her on any trip.

  • Osmosis Skin Care MD – Recovery: “Great serum to keep my face healthy and clean while traveling. Feels ultra-intense and watery. A little goes a long way.”

  • Cetaphil Daily Face Moisturizer SPF 50: “I don’t like complex products and my skin is sensitive, so this hits the spot. I use it morning and night.”

  • Tom Ford Noir Extreme Cologne: “It’s one of my favorites and doesn’t take up too much space in my toiletries kit. I love discovering new colognes when I travel to Europe, they have such a passion and nose for scents.”

  • Davins It’s a sea salt spray: “I don’t like a lot of product in my hair, but this spray gives me enough hold and is easy to use. It smells great without being overpowering.”

  • Before cleaning the toothpaste – whitening: “We spent three years developing the perfect toothpaste. It’s called Mun, and it tastes and feels incredible. It’s packed with dentist-approved clean ingredients and features eco-friendly recycled packaging, and it looks great in any hotel bathroom.”

When it’s time to pack everything up, Collins puts things like floss and dental picks in baggies to make sure she has a travel-sized, full-sized supply. “I usually carry my toothpaste, toothbrush and deodorant in case I miss a connecting flight or lose luggage,” she said. “I missed a connector from Italy to Canada this summer and enjoyed the evening in Munich knowing I had what I needed.”

Jamie Collins.

Jamie Collins.

Courtesy in advance

5 Star Gift Idea: Hotel Kit Plus Fluff Co.

The vacation countdown is on, and if anyone on your list is staying at a hotel, help them recreate the travel experience. Fluff Co. Makes luxurious bed and bath products at very affordable prices, and their Hotel Kit Plus bundle comes with a plush robe, comforter, towel and two pillows (soft and firm). It’s everything your hotel-loving bestie needs to stay put.

Hotel Plus Kit.

Hotel Plus Kit.

Courtesy of Fluff Co.

Plan accordingly: Upcoming events to add to your calendar

Let’s Glow SF – billed as the largest holiday project arts festival in the US – will light up downtown San Francisco from December 2nd to 11th. Every night from 5pm to 10pm, the Pacific Stock Exchange is projected onto remarkable buildings like various works of art, each telling its own story. This year, 15 artists are participating, including Los Angeles-based collective Liquid PXL. Six of their giant Electric Dandelion steel and acrylic sculptures will be on display in Mechanics Monument Plaza – flowers by day, fireworks by night.

Glowing SF

Glowing SF

Courtesy of Downtown SF Partnership

Lucia Day has been celebrated in Sweden for 400 years, bringing light to the darkness of winter. Every Dec. 13, candlelight processions are held, with participants dressed in white gowns and singing songs. They are led by a woman chosen as the “Lucia” of the year, who wears a garland of candles (always electric) on top of her head. Visitors to Sweden can attend celebrations across the country, in churches and town halls, and if you’re not near the event in person, some are broadcast on television or radio.

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