Nordstrom shoppers love these LL Bean Boots

Winter weather is in full swing, and whether you’re gearing up for a chilly vacation or watching the temperatures drop in your hometown, there’s nothing more essential this season than a good pair of cozy boots. And snow and rain day boots are made of the best kind of waterproof material and have a strong tread to prevent you from slipping.

Hailing from New Hampshire, I’m a practically certified expert in choosing the perfect pair of winter boots. After years of bitter cold winters I can attest: the LL Bean 8” Bean Boots are the only pair of shoes you’ll want on your feet until spring arrives. The best part? They’re currently on sale at Nordstrom for 60 percent off.


Buy:, $100 (originally $249)

Fitted with a genuine shearling lining, these high-quality leather boots are incredibly comfortable, durable and perfect for anything the winter weather can throw your way. A water-resistant coating keeps out snow and rain, so your feet stay warm and dry despite the temperature drop, and a steel shank provides unparalleled support if you plan to be on your feet for hours at a time.

Whether you’re heading home from a ski hill, or just running errands, walking on snowy terrain can be treacherous, but the LL Bean 8” Bean Boots have you covered: they feature a rubber chain-tread sole to keep you from slipping and sliding. On the way. Plus, a removable insole means that if your feet need extra support, you can always slip on a cushioned insole to customize your boots to your needs. In terms of sizing, if you plan to wear thin socks, these boots will fit true to size, but if you opt for thicker socks, you’ll need to measure them for optimal fit.


Buy:, $100 (originally $249)

Shoppers also attest that these boots make excellent travel footwear. “My bean boots are the perfect boots for travel,” shared one active shopper, “They’re warm and light, and I love them.” Another customer said that not only are they great winter travel shoes, they are “very soft and very comfortable [that] You don’t need to break them.”

Built to stand the test of time, these boots have impressed customers with their long lasting durability. One shopper said, “I wear them every day and walk a few miles in snow or rain, and they show no wear,” continuing, “I think they should last like new for years. Ratio.”


Buy:, $100 (originally $249)

With 10 years of wear under my belt, I can attest that the LL Bean 8” Bean Boots are well worth the investment for a sturdy, cozy, comfortable pair of boots to get you through the winter. Right now, they’re on sale at Nordstrom for 60 percent off, bringing the price down to $100. This is a deal you don’t want to miss – trust me.

At the time of publication, pricing started at $100.

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