Lower gas prices have locals rethinking vacation travel plans

LAS VEGAS (GLASS) — Millions of Americans are expected to hit the roads as the holiday season begins and drivers finally see a break in gas prices.

Finding an affordable gas station is no longer an issue across the Valley, causing tourists to now rethink their plans for the holiday season.

“I have family in California, so it definitely makes it a lot easier to go see them and drive around the whole city,” said local, Sam Tinsey. Looking forward to more of this.”

Nevada’s current average for regular gas is more than $4 a gallon and Las Vegas’s is as low as $3.97, according to AAA.

It was a much-needed change two months ago when Nevada gas prices hovered above the $5 mark.

Locals welcome the change, though some doubt it will last.

“It’s good for the holidays. People need that break, but I think gas will go up next month,” said local, Johnny Quatros.

The highest state record price was $5.68 a gallon in June.

Alexandra Demander works for a home remodeling company and said the decrease not only helps her business, but also her vacation plans.

“We’re paying more than four, so we’re doing the work of driving to North Las Vegas and East Vegas every day, and that’s definitely going to help us,” Demander said. “We’ve had to change vacation plans because of the prices, but since they’re being reduced, we’re looking at going to California in January, so it helps our trip in the long run.”

Local residents shared with 8 News that because of the drop in prices, instead of what many have done this summer, they are topping off their tanks, which was enough for two days.

Nevada still ranks as the third-highest gas price in the nation behind Hawaii and California.

The national average for regular gas is currently $3.15 a gallon.

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