Do you need a visa to travel to Saudi Arabia?

Travelers from the US need a visa to visit Saudi Arabia, but the process is easy. There are three steps to getting one.

Check if you need a Saudi visa, apply online, get an e-Visa approval in 5-30 minutes (in most cases), then book your flight and hotel and get ready for an amazing trip.

There are three types of visas, but most US travelers fall under the eVisa or visa-on-arrival category.

Tourists from the 49 eligible countries listed below can apply for a tourist visa online through the fast and easy-to-use eVisa site at the Department of Immigration’s visa offices before travel or upon arrival in Saudi Arabia.

Travelers must be at least 18 years of age to apply for an eVisa and younger travelers must be accompanied by an adult. As with most foreign travel, passports are valid for at least six months.

The eVisa costs SAR535, approximately $142 USD. The cost includes full health insurance for visitors. Tourist visa on arrival is SAR480. These visas are good for one year from the date of issue and authorize a stay of up to 90 days in Saudi Arabia with multiple entries.
Payment must be made in Saudi Riyals using an international credit or debit card.

Obtaining an eVisa takes 5 to 30 minutes and can be done using the eVisa platform.

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