2 West Virginia Turnpike travel plazas to receive food, restrooms and parking during reconstruction

When the Beckley and Bluestone travel plazas on the West Virginia Turnpike close next month for complete renovations, truckers will be able to stop, rest and pick up supplies for the road.

The Beckley and Bluestone travel plazas will be closed beginning Wednesday, February 1, and demolition and site remodeling will begin. Both transit plazas will be rebuilt from the ground up, according to a statement from the West Virginia Department of Transportation.

But Jeff Miller, executive director of the West Virginia Parkways Authority, said that doesn’t mean drivers can’t stop.

“We can still provide a safe area for motorists to pull off the road, stop and rest and take a break,” Miller said. “Those areas are still open.

“We’re lucky in the Beckley Travel Plaza at Exit 45 that we have Tamarack Marketplace right there,” he said. “They have a full-service restaurant, restrooms, retail and a grab-n-go area.”

Starting Saturday, April 1, Tamarac Marketplace, located next to the Beckley Travel Plaza, will have expanded hours, Miller said. The facility is open seven days a week from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., and six days a week from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Restroom renovations at Tamarack Marketplace will be completed in a few weeks. Tamarack Marketplace will also open a ‘Country Roads Market’. It aims to cater to the needs of inter-state travelers with convenience store offerings like food, beverages and car accessories.

Miller said drivers of tractor-trailers won’t have to seek alternate locations from Beckley and Bluestone to meet, change equipment and refuel.

“Fueling operations, restrooms and selling snacks and drinks will be the entirety of the program,” Miller said. “We can keep all the heavily used parking lots open for tractor-trailer parking.”

Miller said parking will only be affected during the sidewalk construction.

Newly developed travel sites Expanded food concepts will offer a 24/7 Mountain State Market convenience store, outdoor dining options, expanded parking for tractor-trailers and passenger vehicles, EV charging stations, separate vehicle and tractor-trailer fuel options, a picnic area and pet relief areas. .

The Beckley Travel Plaza will provide a drive-thru, increased restroom facilities and bus parking, as well as upgrade and highlight the Parkways Authority’s tourist information centers.

Construction of the new cruise terminals is expected to be completed by late 2024.

Morton Travel Plaza near Barnwell will remain open until renovations to the facility begin in 2025.

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