How to start your way there in high school

Dream Job: How to get there starting in high school

Getting a job that suits you and pays well is realistic if you decide on a career and start what you love without delay until graduation. You have to concentrate on your learned job and better look for a “pay someone to write my work” service to give you more time to improve your skills.

This is how you start your way to your dream job.

Decide on the field and the conditions

First you need to understand what the ideal job is for you, what it is and what it entails, and then choose a specific profession.

First step. Determine your interests and skills and find out what interests you and what you are good at. If a job appeals to you but you don’t yet have the skills to do it, that’s no reason to give up your passion. Success in any activity is primarily due to diligence and hard work.

Three ways to recognize your skills

Remind yourself of what you liked in preschoolwhat you dreamed of, what you wanted to do and what “professional” games you played. Sometimes talent shows up very early: a child is constantly drawing, singing, making toys, or tinkering with pets, and then becomes an artist, musician, engineer, or veterinarian.

Dream Job: How to get there starting in high school

Make a list of the things you love to do most: Reading, playing computer games, cooking, travelling, taking care of younger siblings, growing flowers and writing stories. Each of these activities can become a profession.

take career counseling tests. These can be online tests or special training courses for young people, in which the participants recognize their wishes, inclinations and talents and relate them to specific professions. As a result, you can find out what you do best, which university or college you should choose, and where you find the motivation to do it all.

Second step. Imagine what the job you want to do looks like. To do this, answer the following questions:

  • Do I mostly work alone or are there always many people around me?
  • Do I work in a team and make decisions together or do I do everything alone and am responsible for the result?
  • When I work, is it quiet or noisy around me?
  • Do I work in the office, at home or outdoors?
  • What do I need to work: what are the conditions, circumstances, environment and tools?
  • Does my work involve travel or not?
  • Do I always want to do something new or do I like to do the same thing every day?

The more precisely you can imagine your dream job, the easier it will be for you to take the next step.

Third step. Decide on an area or direction that fits your image, and then make a list of specific occupations. When making a list, keep the picture of your ideal job in mind and compare how the job relates to it.

Take responsibility for yourself

Be prepared that you will have to work hard to achieve your dreams. It is not enough to decide on a profession – you also have to take responsibility for the decision and be prepared to master challenges.

If your parents are against your decision, prepare a strong argument. Explain why this job suits you, why you have decided on this subject, this university and how you imagine your professional future and your income. If your parents know you mean business, they will accept your decision more easily.

Make a clear plan for preparing for admission to a specific college or university: what subjects you will be studying, how much time you have left, what exam results you can expect and what additional courses or materials you will need.

Dream Job: How to get there starting in high school

If you want to start working life right after school and your career aspirations allow it – Explain to your parents why you have chosen this job and what you want to achieve: for example gaining experience and practical skills, gaining self-confidence, earning money for your studies. Without a college education, you can thrive in many fields—marketing, advertising, programming, sales, design, journalism, and conservation. In today’s world, a diploma doesn’t mean as much as it used to; Employers often look to skills rather than a crust.

Prepare for failure and develop a plan B. The researchers of the best Reddit essay writing service recommend that you think about what you will do if you are not accepted into your chosen university – will you prepare for another year and go again or choose a similar institution and apply there? And if the job wasn’t what you dreamed of, would you take another job or consider a change of direction? Try to imagine as many obstacles and surprises as possible on the way to your dreams and think of ways out of these situations. Then difficulties in real life will not make you give up.

Find out what is missing to reach the goal

Lack of professional knowledge. Look for ways to complement it. Much information about specific professional members can be found on the internet. You can get an idea of ​​the various professions from books and documentation. Think about whether you know people who work in your learned profession, ask your parents to look at friends and acquaintances, make an appointment and find out everything that interests you.

Insufficient knowledge of a specific topic. For example, you realize you want to enroll in design and now you have to take the Literature SAT, which is not your favorite subject.

Another option: you have chosen the chemistry department and there is also a need for physics, which you have little knowledge of. In this situation, you need to take your time to study the right topic and think about how to quickly expand the body of knowledge. Maybe you need a tutor or special courses.

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Not enough time to prepare for the required exams. You need to prioritize and learn time management skills. Avoid additional activities unrelated to your goal, put off your favorite hobbies for a while and reduce your communication on social networks.

Think about how you can optimize the learning process. Sometimes it is enough to agree on an individual study plan; in some cases it is worth switching to self-study to adequately prepare for the course.

start practicing

If your job allows you to work before you graduate, then by all means seize the opportunity.

Take the initiative, learn practical skills and broaden your horizons before you graduate.

The more practical experience you have before graduation, the more advantages you will have over your peers.

If you choose biology, get involved in the activities of conservation and animal welfare organizations and invent and implement your environmental projects at the neighborhood or district level.

If you want to become a doctor, find and read articles about the latest research and medical advances on your own on the Internet.

If you become a lawyer, help a relative prepare a complaint or appeal to state authorities.

Future engineers, roboticists and programmers should consider entering technical competitions – they provide good theoretical knowledge and practical skills in programming, assembling mechanisms and owning tools.

If you want to save time to focus more on your profession, make sure you find yours Best Essay Writing Service for College which is used every time you get a creative writing assignment.

The future designers, artists, photographers, journalists and writers can not only draw or compose, but also put their creations on the Internet and earn money.

The future teacher can teach younger children and organize children’s parties and matinees.

In order to successfully get your dream job, you have to have a plan and believe in yourself, then everything will work out!

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