How important is a website to attract customers?

While it is almost imperative for a business to have a website in order to capture customer attention in 2020, there are many different ideas as to what that website should be used for. Some people think that the website should grab customers right away from their first visit to the homepage. Others believe more intensive businesses can allow customers to navigate a bit to find what they’re looking for. There are even companies that prioritize eye-catching design over substance. But in a highly competitive industry, how important is a website to attract customers?

Allow customer exploration to showcase expertise

Some industries use a website as a point of contact for customers. Law firms, for example, use websites primarily as a means of contact for clients. Choosing a legal representative is not a quick task and companies in the industry understand that. So while many convey their expertise through case studies and profiles of their representatives, clients are expected to do their own research in this area.

As for lawyers’ websites, the original website may give reviews for their previous work, e.g. at West Coast Trial Lawyers, or boast of their credentials from reputable publications they are affiliated with, such as B. the YLaw Group. But any website that asks customers to make a big decision needs to present expertise and relevant information in a longer form than simply accessing the home page. For this reason, information on case specializations and previous work is buried further down the site navigation.

Attract attention to gain competitive advantage

The online casino industry represents one of the most competitive – and fully digitized – industries and shows us how important it is to grab a customer’s attention. As demonstrated by online casino NetBet, for example, once players reach the homepage, it is important to outline the brand’s top games. The site has a cascade of games – including industry-popular Book of Dead and Starburst slot games – that lure players in immediately.

The site also has a running total of jackpots on some of their slot games, giving potential players a sense of community and immediacy when they visit the site. This website design is necessary because the industry is so competitive that from the first seconds on the page the brand needs to show why customers should use it and not a competitor.

style over substance

There are even arguments for style over substance when it comes to a website. This works for those whose website is not the primary sales function for their business. For example, designers, filmmakers, and those who are the face of their creative endeavors can benefit from a stylish but sparse website. Most people in this industry would use other methods to get attention – social media, for example – and would use the website as a secondary tool.

A website – for almost all businesses – is a must given how prone we are to digital shopping. In fact, Black Friday 2020 was the second biggest day of online spending in US history. However, the function of the website differs depending on the industry, the company and the action that the company wants the customer to take on the page. This could tempt them into making a quick purchase decision or provide information to help them make a bigger one.

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