Ford is recalling over 1.5 million vehicles to fix issues with wiper arms and leaking brake hoses

Frankfurt, Hessen/Germany – November 01, 2019: Ford logo on the glass facade of a car dealership

Ford has recalled more than 1.5 million cars in two operations across the United States to repair leaking brake hoses and possibly damaged windshield wiper arms. Company reports released on Friday, March 17 show problems with the cars’ front brake hoses.

Nearly 1.3 million mid-size 2013-2018 Ford Fusion and Lincoln MKX automobiles are affected by the larger of the two recalls, according to Business Standard.

The problem detected

A design issue potentially leading to a collision has led to the recall of 1.2 million Ford Fusion and Lincoln MKZ vehicles. The problems of the accident are that a brake fluid leak could be caused by the rupture of the front brake hose. A brake fluid warning light may be visible to drivers. Also, it could change the feel of the brake pedal and increase the time it takes the car to stop.

According to the company, the design was not thoroughly tested, so such problems arose.

How are the problems solved?

Dealers will change the hoses. Starting April 17, Ford will be sending out owner notification letters. As soon as the necessary components are ready, you will receive a second letter. Ford claims to be aware of a single accident involving this issue, but no injuries were reported.

The second recall affects more than 222,000 F-150 pickups manufactured after 2021, with windshield wiper arms prone to breakage. If necessary, traders exchange the weapons. Owners will be informed from March 27th.

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