Facebook, Instagram To Charge Their European Users?

Facebook and Instagram charge fees for their European users?

Since rebranding itself to Meta, Facebook has gone through a number of changes. These were not only limited to the rules, but also to the business method. Now comes big news that many users may not like. Meta is reportedly planning to charge its users some money to give them an ad-free experience. The amount was set at around $14 per month. For both Instagram and Facebook as well as the desktop version, the company plans to charge around $17 per month. This is quite news for the social media giant’s users. This will be a

The proposal is a result of European Union regulations

According to CNBC, this proposal from Meta is a consequence of European Union advertising regulations. In European Union countries, consent is required to display personalized advertising. This policy may have a major impact on advertising, which is Meta’s primary source of revenue. To combat this and maintain the revenue it generates, Meta is trying to charge its European users a fee. Meta tells European regulators it plans to launch “SNA.” It is an ad-free subscription for European users.

The method can be replicated by others

In return, they charge a certain amount to give their users an ad-free experience if they don’t want to see ads. For those who do not want to pay, their experience will be with ads, for those who will have to give their consent. Meta charges €10 per month for the desktop version of its apps. For additional account likes you have to pay around €6 each. This move could be a major game-changer for the way social media companies conduct their businesses. With this system, Meta tries to keep its income flowing. Other companies can also adopt this method if they plan to operate in the European Union and rely on advertising for their income.

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