Easy Adjustments to Wow an Investor

It’s not easy to inspire an investor, but if you do it, you have a powerful ally. And that can mean the difference between success and failure for your company. But how do you get them on board? From knowing what you’re selling to preparing yourself, here are some suggestions.

What awaits you in this article:

Help them visualize

It can be challenging for anyone to get excited about something if they can’t get a clear picture in their head. This includes the product as a whole, but also the benefits if you decide to invest. You practically have to hold their hands and explain everything. A good presentation is a good first step. You can also complement your pitch with well-crafted, easy-to-use spiral-bound brochures, a short video introduction, or interactive apps to make the vision clear.

Understand your product 100%

There’s a saying in sales: You can’t sell what you don’t understand. That’s why some of the world’s best sellers take the time to get to know their products. This is more important for an investor because they will be looking to you for advice. And if you can’t answer questions about your pitch, you shouldn’t even enter the room. Common investor questions are asked about market opportunities, where your numbers come from, and annual growth rates.

Impress an investor with a story

You might be shocked to learn that about 99% of investor presentations fail. And an investor needs between 10 and 20 seconds to make a decision. If you hold the customer’s attention longer, you may be able to close the deal. But how? Investors love a good story, and some of today’s most successful companies have fascinating stories behind them. The reason for this is that stories are compelling and help people identify with a brand, and the same goes for investors.

Think about what they will ask and prepare

As mentioned, investors will ask questions. And you have to be prepared for what they might ask for and anticipate what you might not expect. This all depends on the product and the people in the room. A good way to plan your responses is to find out who will be there. Some investors may only be interested in hard facts and figures. Others may want to ask how you can cultivate a brand to appeal to a target audience. Research who you talk to.

Practice your pitch over and over again

Finally, you need to practice the pitch as if it were a stage performance because at the end of the day, that’s how it has to be. Practice the script so you can run it without having to stop and access data. Gaps in the first pitch look unprofessional and can destroy the sound in an instant. However, learn to balance this with interruptions as you will likely be stopped when an investor asks a question. So remember to do this so you can resume immediately afterwards.

Are you ready to wow your investors?

Helping you create a solid image can wow an investor, as can a compelling backstory to help you make connections. Of course, this requires practicing pitch and memorizing all the data.

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