According to Elon Musk, 28,700 bottles of “Burnt Hair” worth $2 million were sold on the first day

Elon Musk apparently has a snout for business.

The richest man in the world wants his fans to smell the sweet scent of success with his latest project, which he calls “the best scent in the world”!

Musk announced Wednesday that his branded fragrance, Burnt Hair, had grossed $2 million after day one of its release.

“Stand out from the crowd! Notice it when you walk through the airport” is one of the marketing slogans for the product, which is described as smelling “repulsive desire”.

The billionaire business disruptor behind Tesla and SpaceX said 10,000 bottles of its branded fragrance sold at $100 a bottle in six hours.

Musk, who also changed his Twitter name to “perfume salesman,” boasted that another 10,000 bottles of “Burnt Hair” were sold, bringing the total to 20,000.

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