A Brief Guide to iPhone Notification Management

iPhones are great and there’s hardly anything they can’t do. In fact, it seems the only thing they can’t do is drive, and that will no doubt continue to be the case in the future. Until then, you have to drive, and one thing that you may find annoying while driving is these small notification tones your phone does. The good news is that you can control when your phone notifies you and turn off all notifications.

Let’s look at this with that in mind Notification management and how to stop notifications on iPhone since we all need that quiet time.

What awaits you in this article:

Turn off all notifications on your iPhone

You could be attending a meeting or watching a school play, and you don’t want to be notified of anything at those times. You can always do it later. To enter the notification-free zone, do the following:

  • On the Home Swipe down from the top right corner of the screen, making sure to cover the battery icon.
  • From here you will either see a moon icon (iOS 15 or earlier) or this focus Button (iOS 16). Tap it.

Now all your notifications are turned off. If you’re using iOS 16 and have devices synced with Focus, they’ll also turn on and off with your phone.

Disable certain apps

There may be times when you want to turn off certain app notifications, but not all. This is easy to do.

  • In Settings, you will find it Notifications. Tap it.
  • From the list of populated apps, select the one you want to disable.
  • Switch off Allow notifications and now the app is muted until you switch Allow notification back to.

It is in Notifications you will find it Agree and can turn it on and off when needed.

Some apps fall under the Time-sensitive notifications Bracket. Essentially, this is a time-sensitive app. Ridesharing, delivery, and moving time apps are good examples of time-sensitive apps.

A few notes about iOS 16’s focus feature

Apple has put a lot of effort into this focus This gives you more control over notifications. Focus works by providing a mode (filter) at certain times of the day or when you choose.

There are:

  • Do not disturb
  • personal
  • Work
  • Sleep

Each one can be customized in terms of apps and people notifications. How is that done?

  • Choose focus from that Settings Screen.
  • Select the filter you want to customize.
  • Beat People and then tap Add people.
  • Select the people you want to receive notifications from while the phone is in this mode.

Please note that emails and messages will now be received from the people you selected. If you would like to receive calls, this will be handled in the Allow calls from Screen.

To allow notifications, the procedure is the same, but you tap Apps instead of people and then Add apps. When you’re done, tap Completed.

Filters can also be customized. Therefore, you may want to add a schedule to a filter. In which case:

  • Out of Focus, Select the filter you want to change.
  • Beat Add schedule and follow the instructions to create a schedule for this filter.

It’s worth playing around with Focus and the filters to get the most out of your phone. For more information, see Apple Support.

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