9 Best Free HTML Hosting Providers 2023 (Compared)

Html hosting was widely used before the explosion of dynamic platforms like WordPress, Joomla and other PHP based CMS. All old static websites were hosted on HTML hosting providers, which doesn’t require many resources. Today, the majority of websites are hosted by hosting providers that offer PHP and MySQL support.

Anyhow, there are still websites that only work with HTML templates and javascript and with the new developments of Jamstack, Next.js, GatsbyJs and React technologies, the requirement for simple free HTML hosting is in demand.

Below I will also list some of the serverless platforms.

Top 9 Best Free HTML Hosting Providers

1.GitHub Pages – Completely free but not scalable

GitHub Pages is one of the most popular free HTML hosting providers. It allows users to host their static websites on GitHub’s servers for free.

One of the biggest advantages of using GitHub Pages is the easy integration with the Git version control system, making it easier for developers to collaborate and work on projects. In addition, GitHub Pages supports custom domains, so you can use your own domain name with your website.

What I like is the fact that you can get a ready project on Github and just host it directly without uploading or creating a hosting account etc.

Why I think it’s not scalable?

The problem is when your website is larger than 1GB and you are consuming more than 100GB of bandwidth, which is around 10,000-20,000 visitors per month. In that case you need to move it from Github Pages

2. Netlify – Best for unlimited storage

Netlify is another popular serveless provider known for its ease of use. It allows you to deploy various apps and HTML sites in just a few clicks, and also offers a wide range of features such as continuous delivery, custom domains, and free SSL certificates.

Additionally, Netlify has a large and active community that can offer support and guidance. It is commonly used for jamstack sites.

What makes them special is their global server distribution and pre-rendering system that makes the website super fast. Personally, I think these types of platforms represent the new frontier of website hosting.

The same thing that can be done with Github pages can be done with Netlify. Get a ready-made repository from GitHub and host it directly on Netlify. After that, you can easily add your domain from the dashboard.

Why I think it’s best for unlimited storage

They offer unlimited storage and you can host around 100 websites for free, with a capped bandwidth of 100GB and around 125,000 monthly visits.

3. Firebase Hosting – Fastest Free HTML Hosting

Firebase Hosting is another great service from Google that is best for web and mobile apps. It offers a global content delivery network (CDN) and automatic SSL protection. Firebase also offers a variety of other services such as real-time databases, authentication, and hosting for both static and dynamic content.

Firebase isn’t the easiest way for a beginner to host your HTML site. However, if you learn how to do it, you will like it. I promise.

Why do I think it’s the fastest?

It’s simple, Firebase is a Google company and all of its servers and infrastructure are built and maintained by Google. Based on the measurements below, it is the fastest provider in this listing

4. DigitalOcean App – Best for scalability

The DigitalOcean App Platform is relatively new for a free static hosting provider that is quickly gaining popularity. Also the scalability that DigitalOcean offers is a very good thing for the future of any app or HTML site. If your site needs more capacity, Digitalocean will scale it automatically.

The payment system is very affordable as you only pay for what your website consumes. It is becoming a popular cloud static website hosting platform with great user-friendly interface every day.

What I personally like is the fact that you can host your static website right from their panel, and it’s pretty easy.

Why I think is best for scalability?

DigitalOcean is known for their scalability servers, but on the app platform, they made it automatic. So if you get more visits that can no longer be hosted for free, scale up the server and charge a small additional fee based on your website visits.

5. Surge.sh – Best User-Friendly Free HTML Hosting

Surge.sh is another serverless provider perfect for developers who want to quickly deploy and share their projects. It supports custom domains and offers a simple command line interface.

However, Surge.sh doesn’t offer many advanced features like some other providers that aren’t important when you need to launch an HTML site.

Anyway, it can be a good choice for someone who wants an easy solution with Surge. You can lunch your HTML site directly with one command from the root folder.

Why I Think It’s User-Friendly HTML Hosting?

During a simple demonstration in the video below, you can see how you can serve a static HTML site by just prompting a single command line “surge” in the same folder where your website files are located. After that you will see that your website is live.

6. Cloudflare Pages – Best for hosting free unlimited websites

It is a new service being added to Cloudflare as one of the most popular CDN service providers. Their infrastructure makes it possible to create a great hosting solution even for static websites.

Some test data shows it’s even faster than GitHub Pages.

What I like is the fact that they offer direct upload through their dashboard interface. It makes it easy for anyone who wants to host a simple website and doesn’t want to waste time on command lines.

Why I Think It’s the Best Hosting for Free Unlimited Static Websites?

As you can see for yourself from the images below, there are no limits on the number of websites, bandwidth, static requests, etc.

unlimited sites that can be hosted on the Cloudflare side.

7. Wix – Best with free website builder

Wix is ​​a website builder that also offers free hosting for HTML websites. Known for being easy to use for beginners, it also offers a wide variety of templates and features.

However, some users have reported that the free plan has storage and bandwidth limitations and that the website can be slow to load.

Why I think it’s the best with free website builder?

Wix is ​​the most popular website builder out there and is widely used by beginners and small businesses. In case you don’t want to get your hands on HTML code, I recommend you to use Wix. Also, we featured it in our Best Free Website Builder post.

8. InfinityFree – Best for testing

InfinityFree is traditional free hosting. Sometimes you can face uptime issues and customer support can sometimes be lacking.

Infinityfree is a web hosting where you can login to their FTP and start uploading your HTML files.

Why I think you should only use it for testing?

My personal advice is to only host here if you want to try something for a short time. There are so many free serverless options these days that I mentioned above that are not required to use them. In case you want this type of hosting, I recommend Bluehost and Hostinger, which are almost free.

9,000Web Hosting – User-friendly Panel

000Webhosting is a free alternative to Hostinger, which is also their parent company. They offer free hosting with limited bandwidth and disk space. It’s not that reliable because their premium services were offered by the main company.

Why I think it’s user friendly?

Anyway, it’s another easy solution since the panel is so user-friendly and you can just upload your HTML files from your hPanel.

Comparison of Free HTML Hosting Providers

  • Storage and Bandwidth Limitations: All providers offer unlimited storage for HTML hosting, but there may be bandwidth limitations.
  • Custom domain support: All providers support custom domains, but some may require additional steps to set them up.
  • User friendliness: GitHub Pages, Netlify, and Surge.sh are considered the most user-friendly providers, while Firebase Hosting and Heroku require more technical skills.


In summary, there are many free HTML hosting providers that can help you get started creating a great performing static website. Each of the providers listed above has advantages and disadvantages depending on your needs. GitHub Pages, Netlify, and Surge.sh are considered the most user-friendly providers, while Firebase Hosting and Heroku are more suitable for developers.

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frequently asked Questions

Can I Use My Own Domain Name With Free HTML Hosting Providers?

Yes, all providers above support custom domains.

Is It Possible To Host A Dynamic Website With Free HTML Hosting Providers?

Most of the above providers work best for static websites. Except Infinityfree and 000Webhosting which allows you to host PHP and Mysql based websites.

Do Free HTML Hosting Providers Have Disk Space and Bandwidth Limits?

Most of them have storage or bandwidth limitations. Except Surge.sh and Cloudflare pages.

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