8 Best Tethering Apps for Android (Free and Paid) [2022]

best tethering app

Ever since the day the Android operating system came along, it has provided a multitude of options to its users. In case you don’t know what tethering is, let us explain it to you. Smartphone tethering allows you to share your phone’s 3G or LTE internet bandwidth with your laptop, tablet or other phones.

You can usually find this feature in the connection option in your smartphone’s settings menu. This feature is available in most smartphones, but some carriers have gradually started blocking this feature.

If you have one of these providers that do not allow you to use your smartphone’s tethering function, in this article we will introduce you to some of the free and paid tethering apps available on the Google Play Store. Let’s have a detailed overview of these apps.

The best free tethering apps for Android [2022]

FoxFi (free)

FoxFi app

FoxFi lets you share your phone’s internet connection and turn it into a mobile hotspot without rooting. It allows your phone to connect to multiple devices including computers, tablets, and game consoles. The app has a nice interface and works very well with all devices. However, if you have a phone running an old version of Android (Android 7 and below), you’re out of luck. You can install this app for free from the Google Play Store. Installation is easy with a one-click setup.

PDA NET+ (free)


PDA NET+ has direct Wi-Fi hotspot function that works well on all devices with Android version 4.1 and above. It allows you to connect your computer or Mac PC to your mobile phone via Bluetooth or USB. The app is easy to install without rooting the phone. It allows your computer to run the internet at the same speed when connected to a 4G smartphone. You can install the free version on your phone and the client app on your PC or Mac to connect to the mobile app. The app is available for free in the Google Play Store.

NetShare (free)

NetShare app for tethering

With NetShare, your phone can create a Wi-Fi hotspot to share your mobile data for free. It supports the phone with Android version 6 and above. It acts as a Wi-Fi repeater to extend your phone’s Wi-Fi signal. It is an easy to install application available on Google Play Store. Even if you’re having trouble installing, there’s a short tutorial to help you get started. You don’t need to root your phone to use this app.

WiFi tethering/ WiFi hotspot (free)

WiFi tethering/ WiFi hotspot

Now you can share your phone’s internet connection with other devices over a Wi-Fi connection using the Wi-Fi tethering app. It is one of the most advanced and compatible Google tethering apps available on the Play Store. The only thing that may be more difficult for you is to root your phone to install this app. It has one of the best looking interfaces and very advanced settings that are worth rooting the app for. It has the latest setting, which is generally unavailable in most tethering apps.

The best paid tethering apps for Android

Easy Tether Pro (paid)

Easy Tether Pro

If you want to share the internet connection from your smartphone with other devices, install the Easy Tether Pro app. It supports both USB tethering and Bluetooth tethering. This app supports tethering for Windows and also for Mac or Linux computers, PS4, Xbox and other game consoles, which other tethering apps often cannot. You can install this app without rooting your device. The app is available on the Google Play Store at a price of just Rs 636.99.

Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot Premium (Paid)

Mobile WiFi hotspot Premium

If you’re looking for one of the easiest apps to share internet connection from a smartphone, then Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot Premium is for you. It is available for smartphones running Android version 1.6 and higher. Just turn on the portable WiFi hotspot with one tap. It is available as a paid version on Google Play Store app for Rs 75 only.

EZ USB Tether (paid)

EZ USB Tether Paid tethering app

If you are looking for an Android app that can start USB tethering automatically as soon as the cable is connected, then the EZ USB Tether app is perfect for you. It automatically re-enables USB tethering if it drops out for some reason in between. It supports the phone with Android version 2.3 or above. It is only available on Google Play Store app for Rs 55.57.

Hotspot Tethering Pro

Hotspot Tethering Pro

Hotspot Tethering Pro lets you seamlessly edit, plan and share your 3G/4G/5G network. The app design is easy to use and the operation is very smooth. It runs on the phone with Android version 8 or higher. It also allows for a shortcut app launch icon when you long press on the app. The app is easily available on the Google Play Store app for Rs 520.

So this was the review of the best tethering apps (free and paid) available in 2021.

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