7 examples of using AI for SEO

SEO is a way to increase your website’s visibility on search engine platforms. Of course, more visibility means more customer traffic, and more customer traffic should lead to more sales.

Unfortunately, this marketing tool is not always easy to use. Additionally, some of us don’t have the time to update our websites to make them SEO friendly. So what should you do?

Fortunately, artificial intelligence is here to help. Here are some examples of using AI for SEO.

keyword research

Of course there is not much you can do with SEO if you are not aware of the right keywords. These keywords are made up of the most searched words and phrases on the web. So, placing these words prominently on your website will improve search engine rankings.

There are ways you can manually figure out which keywords should be highlighted, but it would all be very labor intensive. That means the AI ​​has to do the work for us.

There are certain AI tools that can scour the web for clusters of key phrases and words that your site needs to use to drive traffic your way. With these in hand, you can then start your SEO marketing.


Once the AI ​​has given you your list of keywords, you can’t just randomly place them and expect results. The best thing about SEO is that it can be tailored specifically for you.

SEO works well when it can pinpoint exactly the people you need. That means they need to be local, looking for what you’re selling, and able to buy it. Therefore, the keywords your AI needs to find is the need to find those types of keywords before anyone else. Lucky for you, that’s exactly what AI can do.

voice activation

A popular example of AI in business is voice activation. Many devices can now translate your voice into digital code to read as instructions, and then perform those functions without you having to type a single word. Voice activation has become a technological staple in our lives, which means it’s perfect for SEO.

The keywords obtained by AI for your SEO can also be generated using natural language patterns. That means the voice activation AI can work with your SEO AI to create a perfect list of everything you need. As voice activation becomes more pervasive in society, SEO will soon become the leading way to gather public knowledge. Not bad for a subversive marketing technique.


This article has already explored how AI can find keywords and filter them for accuracy. But did you also know that AI can actually order its results?

As a company, you have a number of areas of focus that you need to emphasize to your audience. However, some of these will be more important than others. While you want your SEO to draw attention to all aspects of your business, you should still prioritize your main goals.

Luckily, the AI ​​not only finds the keywords for you, but also ranks them by importance. Therefore, your SEO goals will focus more on the main approach of your business, but still emphasize other areas where necessary. Your main project will have the most competition, which means you can benefit the most from this type of SEO.

To learn

Ever since the first sci-fi novels hit bookstore shelves, the general public has been obsessed with the idea that artificial intelligence would emerge and invade our lives. Of course, this notion is completely impossible, but it is still rooted in a certain truth.

AI has the ability to learn as it calculates new information and communicates possible outcomes. This process can actually be used to our advantage as this intelligent network can predict upcoming marketing trends. With these trends in mind, you can then discover new keywords that people will use in the future and set yourself apart from your competition. It sounds crazy, but being able to anticipate upcoming SEO trends will be the next big leap in marketing strategy.


A big part of SEO happens in data. This data can be broken down into numbers, which are then calculated to find the most useful results. These calculations determine how many people are talking about and visiting specific websites and are usually completed within seconds.

Sites like Neural Edge are able to automate these calculations in a way that is most beneficial to your business. When a calculation reveals new information, this service can easily change your SEO keywords to make them more relevant.

Times are always changing fast, which is why most businesses need these automated services to keep up and change things as those changes occur.

create content

SEO keywords need a place to live. Sure, you can place them in your site bio or in the ad space, but that’s rarely enough. Because of this, some companies invest in content to place on their websites. This content comes in the form of blog articles revolving around topics related to your business.

This content cannot be grabbed out of thin air. Hiring teams to curate content with SEO keywords in mind is a good place to start; However, AI can go one step further. With everything discussed in this article so far, you can see how AI can help filter this type of content. Your website content must be specific and helpful, otherwise it will be read as spam. AI can provide content authors with the right topics to discuss and customized keywords to help them get started.

Your content team is only as good as the information they receive, and you’ve probably just learned how well AI handles that information.


Ai was such a distant concept at one point that it’s hard to see how we got here. You should now be aware of how powerful this artificial intelligence is and what it can do to boost your SEO business.

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