4 SEO trends for websites you shouldn’t overlook

Some trends in search engine optimization (SEO) should definitely be used. This can get better results on Google and potentially increase traffic as well. Other trends should either be ignored, or you should wait and see if they really make a difference before implementing them. Here are four SEO trends that website owners shouldn’t overlook.

1. Don’t ignore voice search

One of the strategies that you should not overlook and that will increase web traffic and sales is voice search. Though originally only intended for a younger audience, with over 30% of millennials using voice search, it’s also catching on among mature adults. Optimizing website content to capture voice search traffic is a neat little way to increase sales and traffic to your website. Throwing in some “near me” phrases in relevant places gives Google the opportunity to provide your answer to a voice search. SOAP Media, a Google Partner, guides clients on how to apply this approach to their content for better results.

2. Video takes root in SERPs

In addition to more YouTube videos appearing at the top of search engine results pages (SERPs), Google has a fully functional one key moments Improvement of the search results also in 2021. Videos are now divided into linked timestamps, in which presumably relevant information to the search query can be found. This offers searchers the opportunity to consume a portion of the featured video instead of reading an article.

Adding timestamps to videos is important for site owners with a YouTube channel. While Google can try to figure this out for itself, including relevant timestamps and notations via clip markup helps videos rank better.

3. Speed ​​matters

A recent focus on the Core Web Vitals emphasized the need to pay special attention to speed. While website load times may seem more of a technical issue and not an SEO issue, a poorly performing website affects everything. Because if a page takes too long to load, the searcher clicks the back button and the visitor gets lost. When Google sees this, they lower the ranking position to reflect the searcher’s dissatisfaction, even if the page’s content was superior to other offerings.

By continuously working on fixing performance issues and bottlenecks on the site, it will do a lot in reducing load times and getting higher scores on the Core Web Vitals as well. Switching to a virtual private server instead of shared hosting is a cost-effective move that offers an immediate boost in performance. Using Cloudflare’s free DNS service also reduces lag.

4. Schema becomes more important

Schema is a type of coded markup that conveys information to search engines in a structured manner. Instead of a search engine trying to figure it out, on-page schema submission provides more clarity about specific information. For example, this may include rating information, “how-to” answers, recipes, or something else. When using a CMS like WordPress, some of this can be automated through free plugins. In other cases, adding the code to a web page directly increases its value.

The four SEO trends mentioned above will help you get better rankings, more traffic, and ultimately, sales. Their implementation offers a number of simple achievements.

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