11 Incredible Websites On The Internet: Let The Fun Begin!

great site on the internet

The internet is full of surprises and has millions of websites that are both fascinating and fantastic. There are many websites out there that have yet to grab your attention. And from this diverse collection of websites, we have selected the top 10 most amazing websites, each one unique in its own way.

While some sites are educational and helpful, others are efficient while being equally fun. So let’s dive deep into the incredible sites on the internet.

Real time flight checker

You probably know about live train monitoring, but have you ever heard of live plane monitoring? With Flugradar 24 you can see which planes are flying overhead at any time. Flightradar24 is a global flight tracking service that provides customers with real-time up-to-date information on thousands of aircraft flying around the globe.

The amazing website Flightradar24.com allows you to see all the planes now flying worldwide on an accurate map in real time. Tap any flight icon to follow the plane’s flight through the air and get relevant information about that particular plane.

Currently, this helpful website can be accessed both online and on your iOS or Android mobile device.

Internet world website

The Internet map, like any other map, is a method of showing the relative positions of objects; However, unlike actual maps (e.g. the map of Earth) or virtual maps (e.g. the map of Mordor), the elements represented on them are not aligned on a surface as is the case on accurate maps.

Mathematically speaking, the internet map is a two-dimensional representation of connections between websites on the internet that can be navigated.

A circle on the map represents each website, and the amount of traffic determines the size of the process to the website; the more traffic, the bigger the circle. As users move between sites, links are created, and the stronger the relationship, the more likely sites are to organize themselves close together.

gravity points

If you have a little idea about how gravity works then you will definitely like this amazing website.

When you open this website you will see some moving particles. This article is drawn to gravitational points. You can manually create large gravity points here to attract these points. You will have a lot of fun creating big dots. It’s better to enjoy this website yourself 🙂

Drawing with silk

Silk Weave offers a comprehensive range of materials including silk fabrics (including jacquard and silk embroidery), silk blends and polyester/cotton/acrylic/viscose blends. Silk Weave is a wholesaler of upholstery fabrics and decorative fabrics that offers a cutting service.

Many beautiful new designs are created each season by their in-house design team, and they can also produce bespoke designs and unique materials upon request. They have worked with designers and architects to meet individual specifications and fulfill custom commissions, among other things. SILK WEAVE is now present in the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.

ambient noise

If noise is too monotonous for you, you can use A Soft Murmur to mix ten different sounds, e.g. So to create the most soothing cacophony, you need to focus and shut out the outside world while you work or relax.

radio around the world

A new website called Radio Garden allows users to spin a virtual globe and listen to live radio from around the world by clicking on different stations. Jonathan Puckey, the site’s creator, chats with Ailsa Chang from NPR’s Morning Edition.

In 2013, the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision (led by Föllmer of Martin Luther University Halle-Golo Wittenberg) collaborated with the Transnational Radio Knowledge Platform and five other European universities to develop Radio Garden, a non-profit radio and digital research project that ran from 2013 to 2016.

Troubleshooting website

Pixel Thoughts is an online site dedicated to meditation. It’s possible to write your troubles in the moon and watch them fly away for 60 seconds while listening to peaceful music in the background when you’re feeling worry, stress, or sadness. Pressure should be reduced and the head freed for a healthy life.

It is the intention of Pixel’s thoughts that you “meditate and relax to release your tension”. This is a 62 second meditation tool that can help you clear your thoughts and feel more connected to others. Open the website, type your worrying thoughts and follow the on-site instructions to complete the task. Once you visit this fantastic website, you will no doubt leave with a grin on your face after the session!

Zoom website

An ever-expanding image and website developed by Berlin-based artist Nikolaus Baumgarten and a team of illustrators, The Zoomquilt is an intriguing collage of various fantasy paintings that are seemingly unlimited in scope, merging them into a single, seemingly stitch endless photo together. A live wallpaper version of the artwork inspired by the current Gridcosm project is also available for Android users to download.

Real flag in the air

This is an amazing entertainment website that can turn almost any image into a flag. Although it is a computer generated simulation, the flag looks real. You can either enter the URL of the image in the field or upload it directly from your computer’s internal storage. Once your image has been submitted, you can immediately see the resulting flag on the main page. It is possible to control the flag wave by adjusting the wind direction and angle, the orientation of the flag, the focus of hoisting, the type of flagpole and the surrounding landscape. It’s a lot of fun, so try it yourself.

scale of the universe

Will Michael and Cary Huang, the authors of the Battle for Dream Island game, create a website to provide information about their game? GTTTATINT, BFDIA 5b, Racing Extreme, Tidepool, Scale of the Universe 2 and other content like their early animations made before they started work on Battle for Dream Island are all included in this collection. It was necessary to shut down the site for a few weeks in 2018, but Cary was able to get it back up by August of that year.

place of hallucination

It’s the last website in our amazing websites list.

It’s a roller coaster experience for your eyes! The hallucinogenic effect you will feel after watching each stroboscopic illusion for 30 seconds will be different for each one. Your vision will be bizarrely distorted for a few seconds – objects around you will bend, walls will shake, and faces will contort for a few seconds.

In the case of a waterfall or the strobe illusion, the brain cells that perceive movement in one direction get tired when viewing the scene. When the eyes are turned away, the cells in the brain that sense movement in the opposite direction become more active, giving the impression that a motionless object is moving.

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